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Our Septic Services

Septic System Design

With 30 years experience, and utilizing Type 1, Type 2, and even Type 3 systems, We can make a design to meet your soil conditions. Incorporating regular gravity trenches, seepage beds or even raised bed sand mounds a system can be designed for almost any lot.

Septic System Installations

Once the design and permit is acquired, and your site is ready, we move onto your lot and are on site until your system is completely installed. A short tutorial on how the system works, and any required maintenance is explained. The site is left completely roughed in and ready for your finished landscaping.


We can provide routine maintenance for any system. However, most Type 1 gravity system maintenance can be provided by the homeowner, once the system maintenance is explained. Type 2 system maintenance requires a little more involvement, which is a service we can provide.

Private Inspections

Although most systems function, can be determined by a simple pump out, sometimes a thorough, destructive inspection is required. These inspections are handled on an individual requirement basis, but are sometimes necessary for legal documentation. When required, we try to minimize the impact to the property.

About Sicamous Septic

At Sicamous Septic, we strive to design the simplest system we can to make your project work, for years of trouble free operation. Because we are certified in design, installation, maintenance and private inspections we can provide a seamless coordination between all the aspects of providing a system for your lots specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

BC Certified Septic Specialist

With all 4 ROWP Certifications we can design your system efficiently, to ensure that it meets all the current Interior Health permit requirements.

Extensive Industry Experience

30 years of experience both on the Sunshine Coast and the Shuswap area, has given us the experience to meet any design challenges offered by your lots particular soil type.

Comprehensive Services

Design, Installation, and maintenance all provided by us, ensures an efficient and cost effective system installation.

Experts In Small & Difficult Lots

The amount of flexibility provided by the new standard practise manual, allows us to design and acquire health permits for even the most difficult, challenging and small lots.

Customized Solutions

Every lot has its unique design criteria. Our solution is to use our experience to design a septic System that is completely unique and specifically designed for your lot and your needs.

Serving the northern Okanagan & Shuswap Regions

From the heart of Armstrong, to the shores of Serrento, we are your trusted local septic system installation experts. Count on us for exceptional service and solutions that will enhance your properties value.

Areas of Service:

  • Sicamous
  • Silver Creek
  • Revelstoke
  • Sorrento
  • Salmon Arm
  • Enderby
  • Grindrod
  • Tappen

Frequently asked Septic Questions

Any Registered Onsite Waste water Practitioner (ROWP) or Engineer can register a septic permit.
A Septic Permit registered with Interior Health, should cost no more than $1,700.00.
A Septic Permit to construct is good for two Years from the date of issue.
Once your system is built and a final obtained it is a legal document that transfers with the property title from owner to owner.
Any minor repair, like replacing a broken pipe does not need a permit.
However any major component replacement, tank, D box, or even the whole field would need a repair permit.
In a conventional Septic System the majority of the treatment is accomplished in the ground soil. If the ground soil quality is not sufficient then pre treatment is required. Type 1, no pre-treatment, Type 2 a major amount of pre-treatment, and Type 3 major pre-treatment with an addition of a light or chemical system to kill Fecal Coliform.
Sewage concentration is measured using a unit called BOD. BOD is a measurement of the amount of oxygen that bacteria requires to break down the effluent. In a type 1 septic tank the effluent enters at a concentration of around 800 bod, and leaves at about 700bod. This means the rest of the treatment must be accomplished by the ground soil.
When the ground soil is unable to handle the treatment of the concentrated effluent, a pre-treatment is required. Type 2 systems have an aerator tank installed after the septic tank and take the effluent concentration from 700 bod down to 10 bod. The poorer ground soil is then able to do the remaining treatment to get to 0.

With the new Sewage Regulation that came on board in 2004, the Type 1 septic tank size has increased significantly. We therefore recommend that after a new system is installed the owner have the tank pumped after 7 years. At this point an evaluation of the time line can be established based on the amount of solids present in the tank.

The sizing of a septic tank in British Columbia is based on the number of bedrooms. 1 & 2 bedroom single family dwellings start the daily sewage flow calculations at 250 gal per day. Since we must retain it for three days a 2 bedroom house would require a 750 gallon tank with a three bedroom requiring 900 gallon tank.
A conventional trench field for a three bedroom house, with a hydraulic loading rate of .5 would require, four runs, three feet wide and fifty feet long with seven feet between each run.

The short answer is NO, definitely not. The bacteria required to work in your septic tank need no encouragement to do their job. Additives can upset the balance in the tank and cause more than usual solids build up.

The new sewage regulation has now allowed Septic System designers a myriad of options to compensate for a lack of ground soil quality or even limited spaces for conventional systems. A site visit will allow a design that will establish the requirements necessary for your specific lot..

Remember, each septic system is unique, Contact Mike for professional advice and solutions.

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